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  • Inventory
  • Map With Monsters
  • Status Panel
  • New Quest
  • Create Character
  • PC Configuration
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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

Over time, RYLOracle has managed to build a faithful fanbase that has turned this MMORPG in one of the most popular online games. Based in Malaysia, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game offers high-quality 3D graphics, fully customizable characters, and a neverending number of monsters and bosses to fight around throughout 95 challenging levels.

RYLOracle can be played either using your keyboard or your mouse, on your laptop or PC, as it can be specifically configured for your graphic card.
You can also define the level of detail in which some graphic components of the game are shown on your screen, so that you can play it regardless of the equipment you are using.

You are given three characters, which you can customize to your liking. They can be male or female, and they can wear the hairstyle and the attire you like best from the options provided. You can also define their levels of dexterity and intelligence, and they can be fighters, magi, etc. The game provides you with real-time statistics about all your characters’ performance, as well as maps showing you where the monsters and bosses are located. You can talk to other characters, win various weapons, and learn tips that will surely help you in your quests. Kill as many monsters as you can, win duels, boost up your fame level, win medals, and you will be promoted to the next level while moving up in the rank.

RYLOracle is a truly interesting online game that will surely get you hooked in no time. Its high-quality graphics and its high level of flexibility will provide you with hours and hours of fun and adventure with thousands of other players worldwide.


  • Three highly customizable characters per player.
  • High-level graphics.
  • Provides you with extensive information about your progress.
  • Up to 95 levels.


  • Lacks clear instructions or tutorials for beginners.

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    Silencer 21 days ago

    I just downloaded it, there is a new version for it. 4.1.

  • 0
    Mamat 2 months ago

    The best game ever!


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